The Kennett Kitchen Challenge Kickoff!

So, what exactly is The Kennett Kitchen Challenge, you say?  Read all about it below!

The Kennett Kitchen Challenge is a fun interactive way to get your family into the kitchen together cooking a new innovative meal in a fun way.  So many parents have come to me saying their dinners are the same week after week, and that means BORING and DULL! Who can relate?! I know I can!  I dread those awful words “What’s for dinner?”. Like gut wrenching. I guess tacos or spaghetti again. Or maybe we’ll just pop in a frozen pizza or do some sushi take out.  Ringing a bell? Is this your household? The Kennett Kitchen Challenge is here to help. Each week, families will receive a new “Challenge” to complete at home. The challenge will vary from week to week, but it will really spark creativity in your dinners and get you ALL thinking outside the usual dinner box.  That’s right, I said ALL. In addition to bringing life to your dinners, the challenge is also intended to get your kids into the kitchen with you, helping to plan and make your meals! Oh – and clean them up, too! 

And because kids (and parents, too!) are so excited by all of the cooking competitions out there, let’s make this one of our own!  Families will be awarded points based on a variety of things and will compete to win ultra-cool prizes! Our first ever competition begins April 1st!  

Still have questions?  Keep reading to see if this challenge is right for you!  

Megan, we are a very busy family.  Will we even have time for this?  

Yes!  There is only 1 challenge per week, so that’s only 1-2 hours of making and enjoying your meal together, and maybe a little extra planning time.  Plus, making and eating dinner with your family leads to SO MUCH more success later in life for your children! So I think it’s important to carve out time for it.  I don’t get on my soapbox about much, but I’m TRULY passionate about getting families into the kitchen together, so I’m going to push you to do it! It’s only 2 hours out of the 168 in a week, and you even will have an entire weekend to do a challenge.  And of course you don’t HAVE to complete the challenges on time – you will still have a ton of new ideas for dinners down the road, whenever you have time to make them.

My house is FULL of picky eaters.  Is this challenge for me?

YES!  Get your butt in the challenge!  I myself am the pickiest eater on the planet and I’m going to do it!  If your house is anything like mine, we’d be eating chicken nuggets and pizza for every meal, and the idea of joining any kind of “meal plan” seems like a waste of time and money since it’s unlikely we will eat at least half of the recipes.  But this challenge is different. It will give you new IDEAS of meals you can make that incorporate the foods your family likes and eats. And they say if kids help plan and make the meals, they are more likely to try them! So maybe it’s time to venture out of your comfort zone a little…  but i’m certainly not getting on a soap box about that, because if I’m being honest, there’s pretty much no way my toddler is going to try new things.  But try we will!

Is this challenge compatible with our family’s lifestyle/diet?  Will the meals be healthy?

Absolutely!  Whether you are no-carb, low-carb, give-me-all-the-carb, Keto, dairy free, gluten free peanut free and on and on, this challenge is for you!  Each challenge can easily be accommodated to any style of eating – especially with a little creativity! Plus, it just may sneak a few extra veggies in here or there!  

I don’t live anywhere near Kennett Square, PA.  Can I still join the challenge?  

Of course!  No need to be local to participate.  This is a completely online challenge that takes place in your own home, separate from our in-person kitchen classes.  In fact, we are trying hard to reach families in EVERY state to participate in our challenge. So the further away you are, the more cool it is!  

I don’t have any kids.  Can I still participate?

YES!!!  SIGN UP!  Although originally designed with families in mind, this challenge is for everyone.  Newlyweds looking to do fun activities together. Empty nesters wanting to reconnect.  I’m looking at you, mom and dad. If I can’t even get my own parents to register for my challenge I’m in trouble, so Bob and Sue, I better see you on the sign up sheet!  Even singles looking to challenge themselves in the kitchen will get something out of this challenge and maybe even gain a community of friends doing the same! It even makes a great gals night out (or in)!  

I burn everything and my cooking is drier than dry.  Is this challenge for me?

YES!  You’ll be earning points solely on your creativity and completion of the challenges.  We won’t be tasting your food, so your kids will be the only ones to even know how terrible it tastes    Just kidding! But in all honesty, I think it’s important to keep trying to cook and cooking new things, even if there are a few fails along the way.  JOIN THE CHALLENGE!

My kids are WAY too young to be in the kitchen.   Is there a point to joining?

Um, Yes, yes, and yes!  If your kids are young, they can still get involved!  I have my 2 year-old help with dinner all the time! Granted I’m ready for a huge mess and he typically gets bored after 30 seconds, but I’m at least starting him early (how many years until he can make me dinner while I sit on the couch eating bon bons?!  Haha). Or better yet. If you have young kids like I do (2 under 2 here!), you probably are in desperate need of some mommy/daddy date night time! So after the kids get to bed, get yourselves into the kitchen together for a little you time eating ADULT FOOD!  What a concept! 

I’m not on social media much/at all.  Can I still join?

Yes!  While the main community aspect of the challenge will be on social platforms (Facebook), you can still access all of the challenges via email and certainly do not need to participate at all in the group.  We are also experimenting with texting the challenges to make it even easier! Give it a whirl – what do you have to lose?!

I’m not too into the competition/prize concept.  Now what?

You absolutely don’t need to participate in the competition portion of the challenge.  You can certainly just use the challenge to spark creativity in your routine family dinners that may have gotten boring or stale.  You can also access the community ideas at any time, whether or not you choose to add your meal to it, giving you a variety of new meal ideas!  

After reading all of this, I’m just still not sure if this is right for our family.  Do I join?

If you’ve actually read all of the answers, pretty sure you know what I’m going to say!  YES! Go to the top of this page, and sign up! Do it, right now! What’s the worst that could happen?!  You have a creative meal instead of the usual chicken and rice? Your kids actually get involved in the kitchen and make a meal with you?  You bond with your children over a fun meal? You maybe even win a cool prize?! The answer is clear. Sign up! And then go tell all of your friends!

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