Grand Opening and New Classes!

Hey there, Kennett Kitchen Students!  

Have you heard the latest news?!?  We are finally expanding The Kennett Kitchen!  While our beloved home kitchen has served us so well the past two years hosting many many classes to all of you, the time has come to move on to a bigger, more appropriate space!  Starting in March, our classes will now be held in downtown Kennett Square at The Garage Community & Youth Center!  Be sure to check out our latest class additions on our website!  We have some fun new additions like Cake Pops and Waffles!

We will be having our GRAND OPENING on Saturday March 23rd from 5pm-7pm with a Pizza party, and we hope you will join us!  We will have a mini pizza class as well as games and giveaways and it will be an incredibly fun night, plus you get to check out our new space.  Even if you’ve been to our pizza class before, it will be the perfect opportunity to refresh your skills and just have a fun night with us and your kiddos. This would be a super fun event for your family to attend to get out on these cold, long, dark, winter Saturday nights!  Please come help us celebrate!!!!

Lastly, here’s where we need your help: let’s get the word out there!  If you had fun at our classes, tell your friends/family/community! We would love to keep getting kids into the kitchen and offering more and more classes – but we need to continue to have attendance at our classes to support the new space.  So if you see my post in Kennett Community tomorrow, shout out in the comments how much fun it is for kids!  Or better yet, post in your local community boards/pages raving about this fun experience you had with your kids!  I’m not allowed to advertise in most groups, but getting recommended by all of you is definitely allowed and encouraged!  Please help spread the word for us. You can use this link to our facebook group:

Thank you all again, and I really hope to see you at another class soon!