Christmas Ideas Day 6: Lunches!

Okay, these lunches probably take a little more effort than the breakfasts yesterday, but how special will your child feel tomorrow opening his/her lunch and seeing such a cute sandwich?!? Take the time to do it! ❤️❤️

I especially love the dip contained in the cookie cutter! How clever!

Christmas Ideas Day 5: Cute Festive Breakfast

Honestly, I don’t know what mama (or daddy!) has time to make cute fancy food art breakfasts, but these ideas are super simple and don’t take that much extra time to sweeten up your kiddos breakfast. Or maybe just save until the weekend! ?

I’m actually going to do the egg in the hole tomorrow since I’ll already have our cookie cutters out!

Christmas Ideas Day 3: PIZZA Fun

Why not add in some dinnertime holiday fun to your normal routine? It’s pizza night in my house AT LEAST once a week so this is the perfect way to incorporate a little holiday cheer! Check out these pizza ideas, turning it into a candy cane or even just using your cookie cutters in a new way to have festive crusts for your individual mini pizzas!

Christmas Ideas Day 2: Healthy Fun

Who says Holiday treats have to be bad for you?! You can still have some holiday fun with your kids by jazzing up your normal healthy treats. Check out these fun ideas just arranging fruit/veggies into fun shapes. I LOVE the banana strawberry candy cane and the Grinch Kabobs!